6       Monday         Student Holiday
15-17    Wed.-Fri.       Inservice Day / Half a day, No School, No Center
18       SaturdayMeeting at Edison Community Center @ 1:00PM
19        Sunday          Martin Luther King, Jr. March / Program @ 3:00PM
20        Monday         Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
11       Friday            Party and gift for all COCI students
14 Friday   Valentine's Day Dance @ 4:00-6:00PM
18        Tuesday Board Meeting 6:00pm @ Community Outreach Center
28        Friday           Movie Day for COCI students 
  9 Sunday Daylight Saving Time Begins
14 Friday   Family Night Community Execrise Class @ 5:00-6:00PM
21 Friday   Inservice Day, No School, No Center
29        Saturday       Adopt The Highway @ 9:00-11:00AM
18      Friday              Student Holiday, No School, No Center
21-25  M-F        Spring Break
23      Wednesday      Educational Trip to State Capital
1       Thursday        Education Trip to Spring Festival @ 6:00-7:15 pm
16      Friday    Family Night Community Dinner
26       Monday         Memorial Holiday - No School, No Center
30       Friday           Party and gift for all COCI students
6 Friday  Schools Closed and Center Closed
19        Thursday     Tracy Jackson Program Start from 9:00-1:00pm
28        Saturday     Track game for COCI students
1-4     M - F          Vacation for Tracy Jackson Program for a whole week
7 Monday      Center reopen
25 Friday Tracy Jackson G.I.F.T. Program end.
26        Saturday     Educational Trip to Frankie's Fun Park

Our Mission
Through a quality educational program which provides for individual differences and which motivates and challenges each student, both academically and socially, the after school’s mission is to provide within each student the hope of realizing his or her individual dreams, a desire for learning and living, and a sense of gratitude and respect for others.
Every year we encourage our new parents to join our volunteer group that helps with our student activities. If you'd like to participate, please try to attend the Parent Volunteer Orientation session on August 14-15.

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Volunteer Program
  • Cynthia Thomas
  • Sara Evans
  • Thelma Woodys
  • Kendra Linton
  • Sandi Hood
  • Mary Madison
  • Michael Marshall
  • Annie Tisdale
  • Elaine Williams
  • James Finley
  • Dee Lee
  • Mary Jackson
Parent Volunteers
Our Goals:
To Nourish the body
To Educate the mind
To Nuture the heart
To Collaborate with other Community Organizations
To Assist disadvantages citizen to rise above circumstances and prove their quality of life.

Equal Opportunity Policy:
The Community Outreach Center, Inc. respects
and provides services and opportunities for volunteers for all persons, regradless of their races, age, sex, ethnic background, or policitical, sexual, or religious orientation.
The Community Outreach Center is Community-
based, 501 (c) (3), nonprofit Public Charity relief Organization serving Abbeville and surrounding areas.
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